Hello, world! Slowly, I am getting myself acquainted with this wonderful new (to me) website. So far, liking it better than LJ. :)

It may take me a while to get settled in and get involved. I'm also debating about what I should post here, which could be anything from writing (of which mine spans a gamut from G to R, short to long, crazy to serious), my budding exercise fetish, the awfully boring but occasionally exciting things I stumble into awkwardly, or whatever the hell else I can find in the world to talk about. So that leaves... a lot. Hm.

Anyhow, I do swear from time to time, so if I do, I'll either place a warning in the title or label this "Viewer Discretion Advised." Likewise, depending on if I post writing/what I post, the rating/warning will change. Not gonna lie--I don't often write smutty stuff, nor do I share it. So you won't have to worry about your eyes being burned out, ha ha.

Okay, I should talk specifically about me, I guess, not generally.

-I'm 7 days away from being 18--my birthday is July 29.

-I love bright colors and rainbowy things, but I also uber-love black and white schemes. My only real dislike is hot pink--it just doesn't do anything for me.

-Um, I'm not much of a fangirl (in terms of level of obsession, which is low), but for books I like The Vampire Chronicles (a recent fad with me, I'm slow/young), Harry Potter, the Deepgate Codex (it's a trilogy by Alan Campbell), and basically anything with faeries. (I don't like Twilight. I count those "vampires" as faeries.) Actually, I like a ton of books, but these are the major ones standing out in my head. (Oh, also love anything by Paulo Coelho.)

-For videogames, I'm into anything "Tales of--" (especially Abyss and Symphonia), Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, Radiata Stories, Trauma Center, Xenosaga, Skies of Arcadia, and Shin Megami Tensei/Persona series stuff. I may be forgetting something.

-Uh, movies? Just ask me, I can't name them all. You can ask about books, too--if I haven't read it, then I will if you tell me about it!

-Music: just about anything, really. I don't particularly care for country or rap, but I can listen to them. Occasionally they have something good. I, however, was raised mostly on rock, alternative, and pop, so... yeah. But now I've expanded to liking really most anything that comes my way. Faves for the moment? Muse, Owl City, Roisin Murphy, Mindless Self Indulgence, Christina Aguilera. (This all varies, except for Muse. I <3 Muse.)

-I really love to write, and I love to read even more. (I have actually been forbidden from buying books due to space shortage in my room.) If you're a writer, point me in the direction of some of your work! Totally would love to read it.

-Speaking of which, fave genres? Sci-fi, fantasy, thriller/crime novels, steampunk, mysteries... okay, most everything. Fantasy may be my most favorite.

-Going off to the University of Akron August 13th. Scared/nervous/excited.

-Short hair originally reddish-brown dyed/streaked with blonde, a bit chubby (actually, not bad now at all. Still working on it, though), approximately 5'7" I think, wears lots of t-shirts, jeans, tanktops and shorts, but loves to dress up nicer now. <3 I finally hit the girly-ish streak my mother always wanted me to have! And it only took... forever.

-I think that's a lot about me, but what about you?

Any who see this, please leave a comment to say hi! You don't have to read all this TL;DR. :D Tell me something about you~~~



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