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Hey, my name is Lyndsay, but I vastly prefer Lyn. Feel free to friend me, message me, or whatever. I get along pretty well with most people.

The name of my journal is kind of a weird story. I was out walking with one of my friends when she says, "The sky is big today." I was kind of confused, so I asked her (with much confusion) what she was talking about, and looked up. The sky was so clear and blue--I get what she was saying now. (Although right after she admitted that it sounded really silly to say.) The sky had a weird endless feeling to it, like it was heading straight off to infinity. I guess it's cloudy enough around here that the sky doesn't look like that normally. It just seems like a small thing to most people, I bet, but it seemed wonderful to me at the time.

And now I'm going to stop being dorky. There's my username, sorry if I bored you.

I'll post something (coolmaybe) soon in my journal.
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